[REVISED] Looking for feedback on my obby game!

Hey there! I recently launched a game under my development studio, Galaxy Games.

The game is called Escape the Dealership! In this game, you work at a car dealership, but the evil manager has trapped you inside! You will need to complete all sorts of obstacles in order to escape!

I’m looking for any kind of feedback on this game, improvements, criticism, etc. Thank you!

Edit: this is a repost. I fixed all of the original things that people commented in the original post.

Game link: Escape the Car Dealership! - Roblox


Hello, I’m going to tell you straight the game is boring. I know the game is probably targeting the younger audience, but what is the difference between this game and every other escape the… obby?

You could improve the quality of the builds, cool effects like death animation, cleaner UI, etc.

Overall, there’s a lot to improve on, but if you take the criticism I think your game could be looking cool.

Good luck! :smiley:

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Hey there, thanks for taking the time out of your day to review my game! So, do you have any specific suggestions for improvement other than UI?

Sure here some specific things

  • Make the characters R6 I have a big avatar so the laser area was difficult

  • The death time is too long imo, maybe add a death effect?

  • The buildings are mostly Roblox default shapes. Adding smooth cubes and not having the buildings be rectangular can be improved.

  • The map didn’t feel like a dealership. Have a theme instead of plain red lasers.


Alright, thanks! Will def try to improve the game using these tips

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  • UI design is poor(particularly the buttons on the left side of your screen)
  • Even though the map doesn’t look much like a car dealership, I liked how it was designed
  • The thumbnail looks good.

Alright, I’ll definitely look into better UI design, thanks!