Reviving a dead ROBLOX genre (Insert Wars Ultimate)

Welcome to Insert Wars Ultimate!

I have been spending alot of time working on a new project to revive one of the most underrated and lost to time genres on ROBLOX.

Welcome to the land of Insert Wars! In this genre you can insert anything from the marketplace (including free models) with my special Python script that demodulates .RBXM into a readable dictionary and sends the information back to ROBLOX using a ngrok webserver. Effectively bypassing the InsertService limitations. Although this does come with some risks itself as it will need to be filtered by a sandbox system to avoid bad models/scripts.

Now, why did the Insert Wars genre die? There are many corrosponding reasons to why and I will place them in order. Most Insert Wars genre games used ROBLOX’s official Insert Tool gear that was scripted and released in 2010. For some reason ROBLOX did not bother to update this gear despite all the updates eventually leading to this gear’s downfall.

1: Transition to Filtering Enabled
2: Removal of the client’s ability to insert models and replicate to server
3: Introduction of InsertService limitations
4: Removal of ROBLOX Sets

The game is as of now currently is not open all the time for security reasons. See you soon! (If you want you can join the Discord server below in the game for more information and stuff)


How are you hosting a web server from your pc and roblox is able to communicate with it?


Also that doesnt sound very safe…

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thats why i labeled it as unsafe
plus, im only accepting requests with a specific code ONLY to my python program, nothing else

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The idea itself is fun, but a lot of script filtering would have to be done, because someone could upload a script to the marketplace that does something bad or creates inappropriate scenery and inserts it. So good luck!

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This is an awesome concept. However, how are you going to moderate folks who import inappropriate assets using your game? Will there be limitations to your f3x tool? You wouldn’t want people creating 2048³ blocks and copypasting them en masse.

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