Reviving Humanoid after .Died

This is not beautiful and does not happen instantly - first there is a spawn on the spawn (the player sees his character on the spawn) and then the player appears at the place of death
100% there is some other solution and I think it should be simple

In one game, the player simply rises from the state of death and that’s it. At the same time, if you shoot at a dead player, nothing happens, he does not teleport anywhere, he just lies

It looks like they are using this

		local Humanoid = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid",5)
		Humanoid.HealthChanged:Connect(function (newHealth)
			Humanoid.Health = math.clamp(newHealth, 0.1, Humanoid.MaxHealth)

This function is inserted into a regular Script .
It does not allow the HP value to fall below 0.1
Without any FireServer and other things

It is also worth adding a check here and if the player’s HP == 0.1 - load the animation of the player falling on his back


thx for the information ı really need to learn this:)

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