Reviving the so called "Hotline ROBLOX" game series

Hello fellow ROBLOX developers!

My name is SwedishRaptor and I’ve been on ROBLOX since 2016 originally. Now, I knew a lot of games back then and I always wanted to create one.
Now, I’m making a sequel to the game called “Hotline ROBLOX” and I’m gonna try to contact the owner of it. If you didn’t know, Hotline ROBLOX got discontinued and closed because it was not FE. ROBLOX forced all games to be FilteringEnabled so exploiters can’t inject their pesky scripts!

My game is going to be called “Hotline ROBLOX 2” and I’ve already created a logo for it. If you think this is a good project then make sure to leave a heart for this. I’m gonna launch in summer time so be prepared lads!

Your developer, SwedishRaptor


Unbenannt :eyes: