Revlo™ "Project Manager" Application

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A Project Manager’s job is to:

  • Control and oversee projects and the developers.
  • Make sure everyone has assigned work and executes it efficiently.
  • Assign developers work.
  • Consult developers about issues, features and work.
  • Design features.
  • Help solve design issues.
  • Actively propose new ideas for our games.
  • Actively participate in planning our games.
  • Check out other games on ROBLOX to analize them, breaking them down for features and things we can get inspired by, or do in our own games.
  • Writing reports about your current project and it’s project.
  • Being able to recognize missing resources; Animators, UI Designers, etc. and Reporting it.
  • Making deadlines and achieving the goals before they meet the deadline.
  • Motivating the team for it to work efficiently and meet the deadlines.

We currently have 2 project managers. You wont work alone.

  • 14 Years of Age or older.

  • A very good understanding of English. You need to be able to understand others and others to understand you.

  • Basic experience of project leadership.

  • Knowledge on how to design video games and their features, ranging from UI, building, to scripted gameplay.

  • Creativity; being able to think of gameplay features, upgrades and changes.

  • Basic knowledge of how video games and their features work.

  • Knowledge on how to plan out features like this:



  • Being able to assist with developers asking for more details or explanation for YOUR feature.

  • Checking for progress almost everyday.

  • A lot of patience.

  • Being very active through the day.

  • Being able to write reports on progress.

  • Being able to MOTIVATE a team to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

  • Have experience with Roblox Development.

  • Have experience with Project Leadership and Management.

  • Basic knowledge on how to script.

  • Being able to use DevForum.

  • Being able to research issues and help developers.

  • Being able to research features and possible new ideas that players will like.


  • DM the guy mentioned in the shout with any questions.

  • Only submit me when you’re serious and reviewed the job.


  • Submit YOUR OWN application (include EVERYTHING YOU CAN IN IT) and send it after contacting the guy mentioned in the shout!

  • A salary of 5k ROBUX / Month.

  • A badge and a role in all our servers.

  • Friendly environment where you can be introduced to Roblox Development and start/expand your roblox business journey.

  • We sign your portfolio.

  • Lots of advice from seniors.

  • You’ll gain valuable experience.

  • If you work for over 3 months you get gadgets including a mousepad for completely free.

  • In-game gamepasses for free.

  • Free discord nitro if you work for over 2 months.

  • Monthly Bonuses up to 10K additional ROBUX.