Revoking Vote (Like/Dislike) Shouldn't Require Joining the Game


As a Roblox player, it is currently hard to revoke the like/dislike given to a game without being forced to join the game. While the requirement makes sense for voting, it should not be there for revoking that vote. This is very bad UX from the player’s side. The game incorrectly benefits from this in two ways:

  • it will retain the given like (only likes are beneficial not dislikes), securing the like count
  • or, to revoke that like, the game gets a free visit then and there (this would be 2 visits in total per person: to place your vote and then to take it back)

Plus, returning to neutrality should be more accessible; it shouldn’t be indirectly discouraged by requiring to join a game.

If this was updated, it’d improve my experience because I can easily withdraw my vote and I can reflect my opinion of a game dynamically through the like/dislike buttons instead of it being essentially set in stone.

Thank you.