[Reward] Fix this space fighter's handling (pls)

Yesterday I started up a small project where you will get parts of a space fighter and assemble them, and then fight other player’s fighters. The parts of the ship are the thrusters, wings, weapons, and body. You will get currency for destroying other player’s fighters, and use the currency to buy new parts. It was going along pretty well until I ran into this issue with controlling the ship, I’d like the camera to be able to flip upside-down and stuff but I have no idea how i’d do that. Another issue is that the game is FilteringEnabled, and I’m not quite sure how I’d make each fighter’s forces replicate without causing lag. Currently the camera is scriptable and interpolates to where the fighter is facing, but whenever you point the mouse directly above or directly below you, the BodyGyro and camera interpolation will glitch out. Can someone help please? I don’t normally ask for help like this so sorry if I sound awkward or anything :confused:

Here’s the place file:
miniproject.rbxl (60.2 KB)

If someone could make the ship’s controls smooth and make the camera be able to flip upside-down as mentioned, I’ll pay you 10k Robux

If you set the ship’s networkowner to the player who’s flying it, you can apply forces on the client and it’ll replicate fine.

Here is a version that sets the Network owner. It does not have the roll portion in it because it is not going to be as simple as just rolling the camera to fix your interpolation issues. I can take a look later at that if you want.

miniproject.rbxl (61.9 KB)

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