Rework the rating system to disallow bots from liking/disliking games

As a developer, it is currently a worry that a small game I develop will be dislike botted. I have seen other developers also fearing this issue(Or currently living with the issue). In recent months, Roblox has been experiencing a large amount of ‘Player Bots’. These bots are created by exploiters to then cheat their way to the front-page. These same bots are a threat to smaller developers(Or larger ones) because they can also like/dislike a game. This means the exploiter has the power to mass like/dislike a game of their choosing. If I have a small game that is in early release and a botter comes and dislikes my game with 200 different bots then this will completely mess my player-base & development up. I am not asking for a solution to the bots, but a fix to the current rating system to stop botters from ruining small developer’s game’s ratings.

Ideas for solutions

  1. A Captcha to stop bots from being able to like/dislike the game.
  2. A minimum amount of time a user needs to have in the game to like/dislike that game.

I believe the first solution would stop the dislike botting all together but may conflict with users. The second solution would require the developer to implement a bot detection/kicking system into their game. I would also like to give credit to @Intended_Pun as he recommended the second solution in a post made a while back.


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