Reykjavik Game Help

Hey there! I am trying to build a simple 1910s Reykjavik game.
I have now finished the square before the parliament, however it looks odd (to say the least), yet I can not figure our why that is.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make it less uncanny?

P.S: The street lights turn off during day!

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Try out some skies, Clouds, Atmosphere, and maybe set GeographicLatitude to around 64-68 if you haven’t already.

The sky feels a bit… off…

Clouds is an instance (must be a child of Terrain), that simulates clouds that you can customise, they may look good, they may look bad.

Atmosphere is an instance (must be a child of Lighting), that simulates atmospheric scattering, it helps in appearance and making distant objects more realistic, perhaps.

GeographicLatitude is a property of Lighting, basically it’s the position of the sun relative to where you are on the planet in the north-south axis. Reykjavik in question has a latitude of 64°


Maybe add bushes too? Or make a small hill in the square.

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