RGIS - Access Game Data Inside Roblox Studio via API

Hello! In this tutorial I’ll show you how to get your games likes, dislikes, favorites, and player count from within Roblox Studio, and it is really simple and works in Roblox Studio!


Ok thank you I will use this for my game I was searching forever to find this method


Good tutorial but why would we want to be subject to the rgis plan’s limits when we can simply use the official api endpoints provided by roblox? For example to get the likes and dislikes of a game you can use https://games.roblox.com/v1/games/votes?universeIds=UniverseId.


Although I do not necessarily support the use of external proxies, it is not possible to query any *.roblox.com endpoints from Roblox itself due to spam. Therefore, proxies are required, but I would suggest self-hosting one instead.

Yea I forgot to mention the need to use a proxy but it’s better than needing to stay withing a service’s plan limits.

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I just checked and there is no paid plan, so everything is free. If someone doesn’t have the capability to make their own proxy this is still a great option.