RHS Fan Club - Rank Info

The RHS Fan Club uses a group ranking bot to automatically manage people’s ranks. We cannot manually set millions of members’ ranks, so please do not send us any messages about ranks.

You must have at least 1 day of Total Playtime in RHS to receive the rank which allows you to post on the group wall (Awesome Fan I). None of the other ranks give you any extra privileges - they are just for fun, so please do not make a huge deal about them. The ranking system is just in place to protect the group against spammers.

To receive a rank, you must enter Roblox High School and follow the instructions below.

Join the game, open the Inventory menu, and click on the RHS logo. If you have the correct amount of Total Playtime, you will be able to press the Rank Up button to automatically receive your rank from the bot. (Limitations: Your account must also be 30+ days old, and you may only submit a request once every 30 days)

REMINDER: “Total Playtime in RHS” means how many minutes you have actively spent inside of the game. It is NOT how long you have been a member of the group or what date you started playing the game.

The following ranks are available to regular players. Reach the required amount of Total Playtime in RHS and then perform a Rank Up Request (as described above) to receive these ranks:

New Fan:
Starter rank. Cannot post on the wall yet - this is to protect against spam.

Awesome Fan I:
1 day of Total Playtime required. You are able to post on the group wall once you’ve reached this rank.

(NOTICE: The rest of the fan ranks are just for fun, you get nothing special for being a higher rank.)

Awesome Fan
II: 3 days, III: 5 days
Dedicated Fan
I: 7 days, II: 10 days, III: 14 days
Super Fan
I: 20 days, II: 30 days, III: 40 days

The following ranks are only reserved for specific people - regular players cannot receive these ranks (we are not accepting applications for any of these positions):

Special Guests: Roblox Admins, special contributors, and other special members of the group.
Group Helpers: The group’s moderators who keep the wall free of spam and inappropriate posts.
RHS Developers: The people who helped with further development to Roblox High School.
RHS Co-Creators: The original co-creators and builders of Roblox High School.
RHS Creator: The original creator and the scripter of Roblox High School.