RHS2 Fanart Submissions

We’re now accepting submissions for RHS2 fanart!

In the original game, along with the professional posters done by Aesura, the school’s walls were decorated with beautiful fanart sent in by you guys - and we’d like to continue that tradition in RHS2!

To submit your fanart, simply send it to me on Twitter (@Cindering_) and use the hashtag #RHS2Fanart! In your tweet or Twitter profile, make sure you also include your Roblox username or profile link so that we can credit the right person.
You can also submit it on our Discord server in the #rhs2-fanart channel.

To increase the chances of your art being featured in the game, follow these guidelines:

  1. Art should either be drawn digitally (on the computer) or drawn on a blank white sheet of paper and scanned directly onto the computer. (Taking a regular camera picture of a paper drawing will not work)

  2. The drawing should portray at least one of the game’s developers, NPCs, and/or locations.

  3. We are mainly looking for drawn artwork, not 3D renders. You also should not copy-and-paste any existing images/screenshots, it should all be hand-made.

  4. Avoid having characters "talking" in your drawing, since this text cannot be translated for players in other languages.

  5. As always, copying someone else’s drawing is strictly forbidden - I’ve already seen all of the drawings that people try to copy, so just don’t waste your time.

You can submit as many different drawings as you wish.

If your fanart is chosen to be added to the game, you will be awarded +25,000 Credits and +2,500 Gems in-game, as well as an exclusive “Artist” title to display next to your name! It will also appear in Aesura’s Art Shop where players can get it as a poster for their house. Your username will be shown when people hover over the in-game poster on the map.

Looking forward to seeing all the awesome art that’s sent in!



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