RHS2 Update Notes - 11/13/2018

New Cars

  • Exotix

  • SUV

  • Limo

New Gear Items

  • Glider

  • Magic Unicorn

Other Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Added a new effect that plays when purchasing Gems/Credits

  • Added keybind for Sit (default: X)

  • Inventory menu: When you equip a gear item, your character will take it out after you close the window

  • Added a warning when your job is about to end due to school starting

  • Fixed Lunchbox animation

  • Adjusted prices of high-tier items. It was way too easy to buy all of them at once - they’re supposed to be rare items that are harder to obtain. However, in the future, I do want to continue making it easier to earn more Credits through gameplay, especially for people who have spent more time playing the game.

We’ve been working on a big update for next month to get the game ready for its free-to-play release. Follow me on Twitter to see all of the sneak peeks and big announcements coming soon!

Link to Roblox High School 2:

Thanks for reading!


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