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Hi there! I am Rhys and I am a 15 year old Roblox developer. I specialise in low poly and cartoony games, realistic showcases, terrain adjustments and script recovery (reading through scripts and fixing any errors). I’m also renowned to recreate UIs that have been made by famous creators, such as Entry Point and Bloxburg. I have been building on Roblox for about 4 years now. Read on to find more about me :stuck_out_tongue:

Within Showcase there are small headers that describe what the builds are and how I came across the ideas.


Here are some of my Roblox creations:


Here are some of my more commonly used scripts:
Off/OnDuty is used to put players on their correctly ranked teams, and they can use “?offduty” to team themselves on the guests/civilians team.
PlayerAgeScript is used to kick players who are under the minimum age, to reduce the chance of bots.
SpeedKick is to kick a player if their speed is over a given default speed.

I’ve also coded a DoubleJump, with configurable jump heights, speeds, etc.

LookAt gets the player’s arms, head and torso to face the mouse. This script is self parenting so just insert it and it’ll do the work itself.

UI Design



Welcome to Bloxburg

Money, ToolTab and TabMenu all in once.

Entry Point

This last one took me pretty much all day to make.

Blackhawk Rescue Mission

This UI isn’t entirely 1:1 scale, but it’s been inspired by the main rule page of @AdministratorGnar’s game BRM 5

Realistic Build

I’m making a forest showcase for a fictional French area that was used as a trench line in WWII. I haven’t added much in it, I only started a few days ago and I am working on some behind the scenes effects. I have explained what De Jour is fully in the game’s description.
Yes, I agree, there’s not much, but I will add more to it as I go along.


I decided to put my best passion into a Roblox game: aviation. This is meant to help people understand the basic laws of aviation and how planes work.

Space Station

This is just the outside of a future space hotel called Traveller II that I have envisioned whilst making the International Space Station.

Martian Rovers

As a part of the Mars2020 program, I decided to recreate some of the Martian Rovers. I tried to scale them 1:1 by using a Roblox character.

Mars Sojourner, the first rover on Mars

Curiosity is the only rover currently in action on Mars.

Perseverance is currently on its way to Mars and will land on the 18th February 2021.

The two rovers Opportunity “Oppy” and Spirit have been declared dead due to storms blocking up their solar panels and not being able to recharge.

All rovers have been built approximately to scale, referencing the dummy on the right.

The rovers are by far the most liked builds.


These logos are from Horizon: Zero Dawn & the expansion: The Frozen Wilds.

On the left are generic company logos and on the right are CAULDRON logos.

GAIA and her subordinate functions: An advanced AI who’s job was to restore all life to Earth in the year 3060.

Horizon: Zero Dawn game logo

Horizon: Frozen Wilds expansion pack.

Post nuclear war scenario

As you can see, these closely resemble After The Flash, true, the models are inspired by it.

Wastelander Rig


Once again, I built this in the post nuclear winter fashion. It was even noticed by the community:


In the background are the plans I used to help me and in the foreground you can see the track size for the train.
I’m not fussed about colours or materials.



Texturing Assets

These are my first meshes that I have imported from unions
Also the first time that I’ve properly used textures.

Lighting effects

The first one I made with the help of DevHub, the second one I made by myself.

Singer sewing machine

Sewing machine based on one kept in my house:
Reference picture


I have loads of animations here, so I’ll only go through the most significant ones,

These few I made for @Decemus a while back, for a WW2 based game.

I created these to replace old animations for @UnknownHashtag’s group game, Obby Blitz:

Based off of Beat Up Simulator, bit pointless, but I was bored.

Yeet (216.3 KB)
Barrage (231.9 KB)

Not all, but I’ll be happy to show anyone who asks :slight_smile:

I also to small bits of Roblox programming, but none of my work is significant enough to put it here, I’d be happy to show if anyone asks though.

Off Topic

I’m also a fan of bot development for Discord bots, and I’d be happy to help anyone who asks. I code in Python & Lua.

Discord Bot

A Discord bot programmed to control lights within my house.

Please feel free to DM me if this is off topic and I’ll remove it.


I’m available all week every week (mostly)


I’d usually work from :robux_gold:1k to :robux_gold:10k. Employer may change this at their discretion


You can contact me on the DevForum but I’d prefer over Discord: Faber, Rhys#3485.