Rhythm game devlog #1, its all coming together now

so far this game has no name, but it is interesting so far
here is a video showing off the current gameplay(obviously far from finished)

there is even a score system, it just isn’t shown in game
the scores are printed through the output

here is the table showing all possible scores besides “MISS”

local Scores = {
	[55] = "HORRIBLE",
	[60] = "VERY BAD",
	[75] = "BAD",
	[80] = "OK",
	[95] = "GREAT",
	[100] = "PERFECT"

in the video you can see 2 beats being passed every 0.5 seconds, this can be changed very easily because of the functions I made
sadly there isn’t sound in the game yet

EXAMPLE: I could pass 100 notes at once and make it take 500 seconds to reach the end(I might make a limit if I ever allow user made charts because that would be such a troll…)

hope you guys like this first devlog, here is the game

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just wanted to let anyone who is playing the game or anyone who wants to play the game something
I lowered the speed so the game is easier and you have to click when the beat gets to the end as well
also there isn’t any UIStroke in the game so don’t worry if color is broken

if you want to see the scores you can easily look at the console

I like to ask a question about this is a rhythm game player, it’s a very cool concept for me but is the mapping randomly generated or user mapped?

as of right now everything is random, but I am going to make this very customizable when it comes to the gameplay later on

hoping to make use of the keyboard and the mouse with this game, going to be fun making it

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Im looking forward for your game :slightly_smiling_face: I’m willing to be a song mapper if you need. Good progress so far I hope you can finish it

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honestly I have no practice when it comes to mapping charts, so I will probably need help on that sometime in the future

anyways thanks

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Epik! It would be so cool if users could add custom maps :happy2:

What r the controls?

I made a second log already, I recommend checking it out


I will definitely add support for this, don’t know when yet

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Also side note: can u add custom key binds? I suck at arrow keys/wasd but if u cant can u at least map it to both arrow keys and wasd?

I am adding custom key binds as well as a start menu for the next dev log
also hoping to add arrows indicating where the beat is going to make it easier

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