Ribbon locks itself, all keybinds stop working

While using studio the ribbon locked itself (all icons have gone grey) and cannot be interacted with. Pressing File does nothing.

Keybinds don’t work! Alt + P does not save the place. Inside a script, pressing Alt + P simply writes “p” to the script. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + D do not work within the explorer. Selecting an object and pressing Del also does nothing, however right-clicking the instance and pressing “Delete” or “Duplicate” etc does work as intended.

Luckily if you go to close Roblox Studio it will still prompt you to save changes so you can still save the game that way.

Ribbon (home):

Ribbon (test):

Ribbon (script menu):

Unfortunately, this bug was seemingly random and I can’t reproduce it. Before the bug occurred I was testing the game and a server script had stopped a module on a breakpoint. I was stepping through the script before I stopped the play session, and that’s when this bug occurred. Starting a new play session and then ending it doesn’t seem to fix this bug.

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I think this only happens when you are editing a script. The image shows that you have a module script open (LoadingObbies). It should return to normal when you exit the script.