RibbonBar has broken for me

Essentially all i did was exit a script, and open the Home tab.

Hmm… Last time I was able to somehow hide whole bar, I don’t remember how. Can you try double-clicking it or something?

I actually closed out of the window (sorry i really should not have), but I tried hiding it, that worked, re-opened it and it had the same layout. Other tabs worked just fine.
Buttons were all essentially working, just jumbled together, and double clicking did not do anything

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Is this issue still happening? I’ve seen a few reports of this, but I haven’t gotten any solid repros for it yet.

If I can repro, I’ll post.

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I’ve had this happen randomly once before.

Restarting studio seems to fix it

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This has happened since forever, although it’s impossible to find a repro it would seem :confused: