RibbonBar Regression: multiple object selection

Felt like this deserves its own thread.

Ribbon incorrectly cancels a multiple object selection when the mouse leaves the window this selection happens in.
As you can see, Legacy/SystemMenu handles this scenario correctly and identically to Windows.


Gif of issue:

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Probably super related: fps drops (?!) when selecting multiple objects.
Webms of issue:

Yeah, RibbonBar for some reason re-draws the whole interface for trivial things. @Silent137 is aware of this bug and it’s being worked on.

####I encountered a different issue, but related to it in some way so I will post it here.

Sometimes when I select some thing on the Workspace and other thing in explorer, the first selection gets wiped out. Like I couldn’t select from two diffrent tabs. I’m not sure of how it works, so for now I’ll just say that it happens sometimes.

This happens every time.
Selecting something in the Explorer window and then adding something to that selection from the 3D view instead clears the selection.
Doing this the other way around is fine. This isn’t a new bug: Legacy does it as well, SystemMenu might not.

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Exactly what I was talking about! :slight_smile:

Just want to note that the original post is probably by design, because the mouse selection box does update accordingly when your mouse is moving outside of the window.

I’ve personally never had a problem with this and it gives an easy way to cancel selection.

It’s definitely not by design and it goes against behaviour established by the OS. You don’t expect your text selection to cancel when you move your mouse out of the text field either, because it shouldn’t. I’m impressed you found a use case for this bizarre phenomenon but like spacebar heating it needs to be fixed regardless.

Ah, that reminds me! Deselecting items in Studio is a nightmare.

If the selection box is still updated outside the window, then surely the selection can be updated still also, yet it doesn’t (well in fact it is updated, since it’s actually cleared entirely). This is why I’m saying it may be by design to let a user deselect easier. But this is just my observation, I guess, and I don’t mind if it’s changed.

No disagreements there, although not seeing what’s going wrong with deselection in the gif? (probably me being dumb)

I’m supposed to be able to deselect items by clicking to the right of them in the explorer’s whitespace, but when one object’s selection box is pretty far right, it changes the size of all selection boxes, meaning I can no longer click to the right of items in the explorer to deselect them.

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Why would it deviate from OS behaviour to allow users to deselect a selection they were going to make? Why allow the user to accidentally do the exact opposite of what they’re trying to? This can’t be intentional.

Added to the bug list. Thanks for letting us know!

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Ctrl+Shift+A Ctrl+A. Not a fix, but a workaround.

Apparently Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Shift+A are backwards. Neat.

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