Rich Text not working for Surface Guis

Reproduction Steps

  • Insert part into scene
  • Attach a surface gui onto the part
  • Attach text label to the surface gui
  • Select any font for the text label
  • Have text scaled enabled
  • Have rich text enabled
  • Run the experience

Place File
BrokenRichText.rbxl (37.3 KB)

Expected Behavior

- text affected by rich text stays the same when running

Actual Behavior

- text is no longer displayed on surface gui


- I can turn rich text off and on on runtime, but it’s very hacky and doesn’t guarantee much.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I’m unable to reproduce the issue. Please send a place file.

This is what I see when following the steps.

<u><i><font color='rgb(255,255,0)'>Rich</font><font color='rgb(255,0,0)'>Text</font> works</i></u>

Instance tree:

sure, I added a place file in my original post under the video

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After using the place file, it appears that the text doesn’t show in studio or in the game. The font probably doesn’t support rich text, but I thought all fonts did.

Or that’s what I thought. Switching the font has like a 1/2 chance of the text showing. Then when the text finally appears, pressing “Play” causes the text to disappear.

I thought this was due to the size of the billboard, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the report. We filed a ticket to our internal data base and the team will take a look.

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