Rich Text not working for Surface Guis

Reproduction Steps

  • Insert part into scene
  • Attach a surface gui onto the part
  • Attach text label to the surface gui
  • Select any font for the text label
  • Have text scaled enabled
  • Have rich text enabled
  • Run the experience

Place File
BrokenRichText.rbxl (37.3 KB)

Expected Behavior

- text affected by rich text stays the same when running

Actual Behavior

- text is no longer displayed on surface gui


- I can turn rich text off and on on runtime, but it’s very hacky and doesn’t guarantee much.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I’m unable to reproduce the issue. Please send a place file.

This is what I see when following the steps.

<u><i><font color='rgb(255,255,0)'>Rich</font><font color='rgb(255,0,0)'>Text</font> works</i></u>

Instance tree:

sure, I added a place file in my original post under the video

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After using the place file, it appears that the text doesn’t show in studio or in the game. The font probably doesn’t support rich text, but I thought all fonts did.

Or that’s what I thought. Switching the font has like a 1/2 chance of the text showing. Then when the text finally appears, pressing “Play” causes the text to disappear.

I thought this was due to the size of the billboard, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the report. We filed a ticket to our internal data base and the team will take a look.

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It appears the issue is no longer reproducible, so it probably went quietly fixed. I do notice that there is a frame where it displays the incorrect font, but it’s negligible issue and would need to be file under its own bug. For all intents and purposes, this bug has been fixed

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