Rich Text Preformatted Text

I will make the question by picture because writing gives like error


Like this

But using Roblox Textbox.

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Check this out Using Rich Text

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This only teach using regular RichText where use like b, i etc. Just look to my edited question.

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There is no way I would know of to re-create this unless someone would be able to create a module or something else that could recreate it.

Otherwise you would just have to color it manually which could take some time.

I believe what you’re looking for is a SyntaxHighlighter, my personal favorite would be Boatbomber’s Highlighter (Github).

Yes, but how to make the syntax only work for chars/string inside ```

I give an example, let’s say in the textbox there are like
“local a = “abc” ‘’’local b = “bcd”’’’
It will only syntax local b = “bcd” because it’s inside “””

It’s called Markdown, I found a module that does this:

Yes I use Markdown from uhm i dont know what’s the name BetterChat V3 i think, but until i only success at changing b into ** i into * but i still don’t know about the ‘’’ part to use as preformatted syntax like LUA code, well like DevForum Preformatted

Maybe if you can, you can check LuaLearning game on roblox, it has features on Blog or I forget what is the name, but is like DevForum.

Or with this module is like DevForum style?

You know in DevForum is like regular textbox but if we have like “‘’ Text ‘’’’(sorry if the symbol is different because I’m on mobile now), it has preformatted text like script editor roblox studio but after finish or before that it’s just like regular text.

Alright, after some tinkering around, I managed to get a prototype working:

SyntaxHighlightingTextbox.rbxl (49.1 KB)

Do i need to press format? char……….