Rich Text's Line Break (<br>) Is Broken

I’ve been trying to use Rich Text’s line break system <br /> / <br> text </br>, but the system is straight up broken.

For some reason, every time I use <br>, the line has a strange offset that I’m not at all able to fix. The text after the line break though has an small offset compared to the text before the line break. It goes a little bit to the right than the expected outcome.

Expected Outcome:

Actual Outcome:

This occurs in Studio and In Game, and its started happening (for me at least) ever since today (9:03 EST, 4/22,2023).

Here are the Reproduction Steps,

Step one, create a ScreenGui that has a Frame and a TextLabel in it,

Step two, enable rich text, and then type some simple text like “Hi”, then create a line break by using <br />, then create text after that. Then you will see the offset glitch whenever a line break is used.

Here’s a video.


This happens every single time I try using line breaks, and I have absolutely no idea why.

Reproduction File:

scriptquest_richtextlinebreakglitchplace.rbxl (414.3 KB)


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for the report!


wow that’s crazy, never expected this to get on Engine Bugs considering I can’t even post here.

Anyway, thanks for responding Focia, please get back to me and us, as this issue has been going on for so dam long, and has been affecting the entire community of developers that want to use Rich Text.

Can also this issue get reviewed?

Even more issues with Rich Text? Dang, the engineers really need to patch up rich text.

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Yeah, and it’s probably been 2 years from now.

This topic is from the end of 2020.


Has your team figured out the root of the problem yet? Please update us, as many developers have been facing this issue with the Rich text system for years.

Quick Update:

Roblox support just cut me off saying that there was no other way they could help me after messaging them back and fourth for about a week.

@Focia19, please get back to us.

Roblox Support isn’t responsible for bug reports, therefore, please don’t contact them further regarding them!

I don’t have updates about this issue for now!

Thank you for your patience!


Hi @StarJ3M , we have recently turned on a fix for this issue, please verify on your side to see if this is fixed. Please also notice that in the source text you put for the richtext, avoid using spaces after the
tag to avoid extra spaces in the beginning of the line.
e.g Use “Hello <br />hey” instead of “Hello <br /> hey

Please let us know if this is still happening. Thank you!


This has solved the issue, thanks for listening in, I can finally use this rich text feature without having to worry about this.

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