RichText [TextScaled Support Added]

Amazing change! Helpful for GUI Designers. Thank you so much!


All we need now is custom fonts :eyes:


This is probably one of the most important features.
As a Developer, writing tutorials and cutscenes in a way that players understand and know the point was really not an easy task.

With RichText, we can easily highlight the important parts in text so players can easily pick up what to do without having to read everything!


Can we have an ETA on this we are looking forward to using this feature in a new game I’m releasing soon

Particularly when it’s enabled and the Text.Scale shipped is in my interest


When you want a multi line text label, just write the text in something such as Notepad and paste it into the text property of the label. The spaces will carry over.


I’ve also made a plugin which can handle working with multi line text itself without having to use an external text editor to copy and paste, you can check it out here: Text Editor: Make editing "Text" fields much easier


Is there a way to encode characters, Currently I can not do the following with Rich Text:
<h>hi</h>, it will just appear formatted instead of the text I want.

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Yeah you can, it is posted in the OP:

Coincidence?!?! I was finding a way to individually color my text 4 days ago and this update
just came!!

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Enabling RichText disables the scaling effect of TextScaled, which is of vital importance for Cross-platform GUI. Using the UIScale constraint to scale the entire textlabel doesn’t help either as this requires developers to calculate/set it manually, and text sizing can widely differ with different language localizations.

The ability to supply font sizes (in pixels) is neat, but the usecases for this (offset-positioned gui) are minor when compared to the tradeoff of not supporting TextScaled as a result. I would rather have TextScaled support (and not have the ability to define font size through tags), than inconsistent behavior between non-RichText and RichText textlabels.

Or just have RichText ignore all Size tags when TextScaled is enabled, that would be helpful as well.


Wow, this addition to texts seems quite useful for customization!! :smiley: :upside_down_face:

Is asking for custom fonts too much? Hope not. (aka comic sans)
It has been a highly requested feature since a long time…

And that does not exclude the responses to this topic (ft. forum devs):

And these are requests from this topic only…

Fonts are really getting repetitive along games since they are pretty much way too limited. (unless text images, 3D models and similar ones are used)

I hope they eventually add support for andy font lol.


I was actually looking for something like this just now and I thought that I was going to need to use multiple UI objects but then I found this! Thank you so much!

I think the possibility of adding new fonts or custom fonts is completely possible since ROBLOX gives us the features that we have never see it coming such as UI corner. And it’s also because it’s being a little repetitive using the same fonts in games.


The size tag bypasses the size constraint of 1-100, as seen here:

I believe this is unintended behavior, as the post states that the size integer is equivalent to the TextSize, which constrains the size between 1-100:


Thanks for collecting these feedbacks~ We have some follow-up plans on improving the current font quality for development, which in the first phase would be adding more fonts. You will see the next step action from us soonish.
We are experimenting with Custom fonts, while it need more time as it involves things with license and secure concerns.

Special things about fonts

For more details, Fonts encodes series of instructions that tells machine how to generate the bitmap, which is equivalent to code. Allow custom code definitely introduce more vulnerability and secure concerns.
You can check the following doc.

We can pull in more open license fonts in or even streaming fonts, while for supporting custom fonts that is designed by individuals needs more investigation.


It could add syntax highlighting support for this. Replacing each keyword/built-in/number/etc with a tag is horrible. Then they could add support for VS Code; then just maybe Roblox couldn’t get any better.

I found a bug with the PlaceholderText property

When RichText is on and you aren’t focused into the TextBox, it won’t show the placeholder.

Nice, now its easier than ever to make GUI

The TextFits property doesn’t seem to work when RichText is enabled on a TextLabel. Having a hard time making a custom chat with RichText because of that.

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This feature has buffed my chat system so much, it works so well!