Text Editor: Make editing "Text" fields much easier

Text Editor Plugin

Are you making some UI involving Text? You must’ve felt constricted to that tiny little input field in the properties field, making it really hard to work and check what you’re typing.

To solve this, check out the Text Editor plugin!
Now you can edit your text quickly and easily, especially helpful with the introduction of Rich Text.


  • Real time output window so you can see how your text will look as you type it
  • Multi-line support for all text fields
  • Toggles for rich text features, allowing you to easily highlight text and apply a rich text property to it (and remove it if already present!). If you toggle when not highlighting anything, it will add new tags at your cursor location, and move your cursor inside of them
  • Easy access to text-related properties such as Font, TextSize and Alignment

Getting Started

Simple! Just install the plugin, select a TextLabel/TextButton/TextBox, and open up the Text Editor!

To make editing even quicker, you can assign a Studio Shortcut (FILE > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts and look for Text Editor: Toggle Open) to an easy keybind, so you can quickly open/close the Text Editor whenever you need it

TODO: Future Updates

  • Keybinds for rich text tags, such as CTRL + B for bold etc. (This is currently not possible with Roblox restrictions, as all input is sunk - any recommendations for this would be appreciated!)
  • Integrate more text-related properties within the widget (eg. TextStroke, TextColor3) so that it is all in one location
  • Support for Rich Text font size and color changing

Make sure to let me know anything else you would recommend

This plugin is open source! Feel free to check it out at the Github Repo, contributing is welcome!


Wow this is nice, way easier than the current method where I can’t even see what I’m typing. I like how you can bold the text as well


ok now THIS IS EPIC.

Way better looking at preview of texts before I change anything, plus the addition of Rich Text Support is super helpful for varying texts

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Released v1.1.0!
This update is just minor, with support for aligning text horizontally and the addition of tooltips for all the toolbar options, and some internal cleanup. View the release here: Release v1.1.0 · JohnnyMorganz/roblox-text-editor · GitHub

Something which I was wondering was whether to fully replicate the TextItem inside the Output pane, such as the background (currently only all text related properties are replicated), as this may help with previewing. Any input is appreciated!

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I think the word “Apply” fits more hereimage

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I think I agree with this!

I was also wondering if it is actually necessary to have a Save button at all, or should I just save when the text box loses focus.

  • Save using button
  • Save on focus lost

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The plugin is kinda broken.
It act’s like a backdoor, because when I press “X” it will open back up.

This is really good, thanks for making my work x2 easier. :muscle::sunglasses:

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Hm, I haven’t seen this before? Does it immediately open back up when you close it?
I’ll definitely look into this

Released v1.1.1 to fix this issue, apologies for this! You should update your plugin to resolve it.
Also changed the wording of the Save button from “Save” to “Apply”. Will wait to see if more votes come in before determining whether the button should be removed. View the release here:

Yes, makes my life more eazy. Very kewl!!

Released v1.2.0!
This update has a few significant changes. The biggest one is the replacement of the “Save” button with an autosave functionality. The text will automatically be updated once the Text Editor loses focus, or you change some properties. There is also better support for undo/redo (using ChangeHistoryService)
The ability to change Font and TextSize is also here! Please note, this currently doesn’t include adding in the “font” rich tag.
Make sure to update your plugin!
You can view the whole changelog and release here: Release v1.2.0 · JohnnyMorganz/roblox-text-editor · GitHub


Test text
Underlined Text

So how does this plugin work?


Sorry for the late reply, but I don’t exactly know what you are asking? Could you elaborate further so I can help

Wow this is nice!
But what about color?

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Has this project been abandoned or are more updates in the works?

At the moment, it is kind of on the backburner, however the plugin is completely usable in its current state and more features are planned for the future!
If you have any specific suggestions you would like implement, you could create an issue on the GitHub (or post it here if you wish).
I am also accepting external contributions too if you wish!

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Great plugin! Definitely useful and time-saving.

RichText is a beta feature that is released by Roblox, to make it work:

  • Enable ‘RichText Beta’ in File > Beta Features (once) [NO MORE REQUIRED!]
  • Go to your TextLabel properties, find RichText and make it true

You will not have to do this soon, it is currently in beta stage though: this is required.