RichText [TextScaled Support Added]

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, but is RichText not supported for TextBox.PlaceholderText?

For me, it’s not formatting no matter what I do, but it performs correctly when text is filled in. Checked with multiple places and still the same

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Richtext is super blurry when enabled with TextScaled.
image image

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Thank you so much! I really needed this! :smiley: !

Noticed the same issue today. This is really annoying and I hope they fix it soon

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This truly changes the Attributes! Wonder what we will see next update! :slight_smile:

This is an issue when using the <br></br> tags:

Strikethrough is currently bugged, adding the <s></s> tags is barely working, inconsistently, causing a lot of complaints in my game Specter as we use it to cross out objectives. To replicate this issue, just try turning on RichText on a SurfaceGui’s TextLabel (not sure if it’s an issue on ScreenGui/BillboardGui) and adding the tags. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Usually doesn’t from my experience.

Could you send a place file that represents the issue you are talking about? I tried the strikethrough tags on surface gui with different font sizes and I cannot repro the issue you are talking about. You can post either here or with a separate bug report.

We will follow up with your report. Thanks.

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As I was testing repro I noticed this must have something to do with how the text is rendered. If I reopen the file where the TextLabel has strikethrough, it will show up, but for the text to re-render that requires the text property to be changed to something else temporarily, or the studio/game instance to be reopened. Not sure if the place file is of any help based on the information I just provided, but here it is anyway.

StrikethroughRepro.rbxl (24.6 KB)

I see what might be happening. We’ve tracked the issue and will fix it.

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A temporary walk-around for this would be adding a SPACE when adding the strikethrough tag. If you are use script automation for adding this tag, \<s> {Your_cross_out_item}\</s> should be sufficient enough to trigger an update. It would maintain similar appearance while correctly handles the format change.
Our fix would need 1 extra week to deliver to desktops and probably more time for deploying to mobile. So before that you could use this instead.

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At this rate roblox will also likely be used to teach and do web development projects
Great :kissing_heart: :lying_face: :heartbeat:

I might be late to report this, but “underline” has the same issue: the top label is not formatting so I think it’s still relevant to the discussion
underline bug.rbxl (24.5 KB)

This is also happening to me as well. If any of my text objects have TextScaled set to true when RichText is true, it’ll appear very blurry.

RichText disabled, TextScaled true
RichText enabled, TextScaled true
RichText enabled, TextScaled false


This started to occur for me about one month ago. I created this label and changed nothing since then, and it’s suddenly blurry. This is reproducible in every place.


Funnily enough, it’s stopped happening for me recently.

this is happening for me, too

you can see the text is blurry, this is both in live game and studio
been seeing this issue ever since richtext had textscaled support and thought it would’ve been fixed, this issue is incredibly annoying and damages the quality of my UIs


Hello everyone, I think it would be interesting if they add a tag which allows you to call a function whenever a player clicked on that part of a text (act like a button). Not sure if it’s gonna be accepted by roblox but I have some ideas where I coulde use it.

This feature is still great tho, it took a long time to you to make but it’s awesome and it’s something that many people wanted and allows game developers to do some interesting ui improvements. Keep adding new features and stuff to roblox :+1:


Bumping this, since there’s been no follow-ups on similar reports.

With RichText enabled:
Without RichText enabled:


Thought I’d bring this bug here, but theres a slight offset of text, measured it to be 3 pixels, Using RichText slightly offsets all text except for first line and RichText Newline Offset Bug I’ve tried getting around this by enabling richtext on the under textbox, but due to its behavior, it unformats on focus, causing it to still have that offset. Tried it in multiple places also so it’s not my specific game.


This issue is still present… RichText=true and TextScaled=true at the same time results in blurry text.