Rig builder is inserting rigs with two face decals on some R15 rig options

When inserting both the Block Rig and Mesh Rig with R15 selected with the built in Rig Builder plugin, it inserts two face decals onto the rig into the same position.


I have not seen this before. Have you clicked the rig multiple times or not? I am not sure on how this is currently is affecting this at all. Try clicking the create rig once and see if the faces will duplicate.

It happens 100% of the time when I insert either of the rigs mentioned in my post. Clicking the create rig button once doesn’t duplicate the face, it just looks like a mistake introduced by the developer(s) of the plugin.

I have no beta features enabled and I confirmed with others that this happens to them as well - have you tried inserting either of them yourself?

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I have tried inserting them, but they come out normal. Its probably the manipulation between each original rig that was created. I am curious in which case would basically depend on the amount of rigs created by you, which is probably a reason of this. Its odd seeing this happening meanwhile the plugin is functioning correctly and the faces are not.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


Hi. I have an update from the engineers. They are still working on the fix for this and will hopefully have a fix pushed early in January. When more information becomes available i will pass it on.


This is still occurring for the rigs mentioned above and I also noticed it’s happening with the Mesh Rig for the R6 avatar type.

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Thanks for the info. When there is an update i will pass on the info