Rig Parts disappearing every time I open the file

Hello again. So The problem I’m having is with this model I slightly rigged a while ago,

Every time I open the file, the model/rig parts Disappear more and more…
I do not have any idea why this would be happening and how do I even fix this??

I opened it the other day and It is now worse… as shown in the picture

Are these custom meshes that you uploaded yourself?

If so here are some possibilities of what happened and how to fix them:

  • The meshes didn’t get past moderation, try re uploading them
  • You have really bad connection, you will have to wait till it gets better

The ‘Model’ is not originally mine, here’s the link to the model I downloaded quite a while ago:

But the rig has, again, gotten worse because I just opened it and this is what I see:

(Note that the ‘rigged’ model has been un-grouped)

This is the “Non-Rigged” model:

(The model has just had the meshes/unions, etc. Re-named but not un-grouped)

It’s possible it might be connection issues, although my internet is perfectly fine most of the time,
but I have no idea if it could be not passed by moderation.

I think I figured out what I did wrong!, I ungrouped the rig when the original model was specifically grouped into the arms,leg,etc.
So I have an idea of that’s probably what’s wrong is that I ungrouped the model/rig when it wasn’t supposed to be ungrouped in the first place…

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