Rig type suggestions for an upcoming game?


Hey everyone!

4 months ago I started to work on my project “Tales of Zinovia” and I need some suggestions.
I want to make character customizer, but I am not sure which type of R-15 should I use?

On the left side of the picture is R-15 Blocky and on the right is R-15 Rthro. I am wondering which one would be better for better experience?
I am planning to make an armour, hats, hairs, clothes and maybe more!
Project will be MMORPG genre in the low poly design.


If you’re going for low-poly feel, you might as well use low-poly rigs.
Otherwise, I feel like Boy Package and 2.0 Package look really good with Anthro scaling and animations.


Agree it will be better then the normal body since it’s low poly and not just a normal game.


I believe it should come down to your preference - in other words, what rig you feel is appealing to your game.


I think the Rthro character fits into your map more. The “Blocky” one is… blocky, and nothing in your map is blocky. All the trees that I can see have more than four sides.

However, if you’re going to make armour, which you’re planning to, then it’s probably going to take longer to model for the Rthro character since it has more faces.


Alright. I am going to use Rthro, but I will have to make it in low poly style. Thanks to everyone for suggestions!