Right 2 Fight: Update V0.2.0 ID 75+

Combat changes:

-Legendary Dragon has been reworked:
Can build and lose heat the same way players do
Players cannot use or get heat
Can rejoin this battle after dying
Death stats will not count when dying and was reset
Can get the new badge if anyone participated in the battle was still in the server and did at least 1 damage
Heated determination and Stability activate during Heat Mode
Heat meter is visible
Can do a heat action when heat meter is full (Ultimate Essence)

-Added adjust difficulty setting (Legend can be unlocked by resetting data at max level)
Dungeon difficulty affects aggression rate, ai spawn setup, ai styles, enemy damage and xp/money gain

-Added a new Brute heat action: Essence of Entangle
-Added wall bounding
-Added 1v1 PvP :sad:
-Added new goon attacks
-Added use item button
-Added fear debuff
-Replaced Weaving Quickstep with Damage Weaving
-Time for … abilities last 20 seconds long and can be cancelled by taunting twice (Also, Wrath and Grab Mastery doesn’t activate during this mode)
-Heated Determination ability works against bosses
-Reworked Cat-Like Reflexes ability to not work when you get knocked down with a short ragdoll timer or no knockback, and it always evades in the direction of the knockback
-Explosive Body Mastery ability only works when you time it right before the enemy attacks and it also stuns on every enemy instead of just weapon users
-Iron Abs ability doesn’t reduce all damage, it just reduces it further and can be activated regardless of Heat Mode
-Finishing Hold ability works on hit and uses a bit more heat and does a lot more damage
-Stability ability doesn’t prevent flinching, it instead prevents getting knocked down (except from bullets and blades)
-Trying to do a Finishing Hold doesn’t buffer a grab
-Frenzy has a move that ignores blocking and can bound ragdolls vertically (bound to grab key)
-Fisticuffs’ gut punch doesn’t stun but it makes the enemy do a standing ragdoll so you can grab them
-Added Resolute Counter (when using Fisticuffs, light attack/heavy attack/grab during hitstun to do an attack with superarmor)
-Sped up Brute’s movement speed by 50%
-Significantly increased Brute’s damage on its normal attacks
-Brute’s guarding doesn’t make you lose heat
-Frenzy’s stun doesn’t get interrupted by attacks that can’t ragdoll (for the first second)
-Reworked Frenzy’s weaving to be more like Yakuza
-Adjusted default speed of attacks to be similar to the styles in Yakuza Kiwami
-Tweaked evading duration/speed to a similar pace as the above change
-Tweaked the Evade and Strike ability’s attacks to be more like Yakuza
-Attack targetting system (without lock on) is made more precise to target enemies that are nearby eachother better
-When buffering a get up attack, your ragdoll will try to get up as fast as possible when it’s on ground
-If you walk towards the passive ai, they’ll start becoming active ai and chase after you
-Some improvements to AI behavior when multiple people are involved
-Reworked AI blocking behavior
-AI can now evade
-Blocking an attack gets rid of your hitstun
-You can revive players in a dungeon

-Bosses get superarmor when attacking (when their hitbox is active) while using the Brute style or in heat mode (also, superarmor does not work towards moves that can knockdown)
-Getting hit from the back gives a lot more hitstun
-Buffed bullet damage
-Can now move while shooting with guns
-Evading resets AI gun aiming time and reduced AI gun aiming time
-Enemies cannot pick up guns anymore

Visual/Audio changes:

-Added new auras, shield blocking, blade impact and shield breaking particles
-Essence of Torment has a unique animation
-Added lock-on idle animations for Brute and Frenzy
-Major UI Overhaul:
-Added custom music ID setting

World changes:

-The map has been expanded:
Bus Station
Parking Garage
-You can fast travel at train stations