Right click -> set as PrimaryPart

The only method of setting the PrimaryPart currently is through the command bar, plugins, or scripts. Anyone who will be using it surely knows how to set it properly, but that doesn't mean it isn't a pain in the rear to set. If I have a door and I want to set the primary part of the door, the main part of that door with many parts, the easiest way to set it would be to use:
game.Selection:Get()[1].Parent.PrimaryPart = game.Selection:Get()[1]

with the main part selected. However, that isn’t very clean. Another method would be to use a plugin, but that’s just a button taking up space, which even has an additional step to access using RibbonBar – a much more preferred solution would be to add “Set as primary” to the context menu of BaseParts

- a different developer’s words

I bet you could create a plugin to do this pretty easily


What’d be cool is if we could drag objects in the explorer onto a property that requires an object. So you could select a model and then simply drag a part onto the PrimaryPart property to set the primary part.


This would be useful for Adornees as well

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The problem with dragging is it’s not easily discoverable. There should probably be a … button next to any Object properties which, when clicked, allows you to select another object somehow.

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Yeah a plugin would work, and so would the code I provided. A plugin would’ve also worked to group and ungroup parts but we got official support for that, so we’re asking for official support for this. <:

@Aurarus: temporary solution?

“Also sets adornee of SurfaceGuis and SelectionBoxes to the part you insert them into.”

Though I’m not sure if it’s missing BillboardGuis, SelectionSurface, SelectionPointLasso or SelectionPartLassos