Right to Erasure Issue

This is the first time I received a message like this and I’m not sure how to go about resolving it. I looked up how to remove the datastore from the game but now my issue is actually finding out where this data is. In the place I made I updated data store upon data store and that data is lost in the sea of arbitrary data for some arbitrary datastore with some arbitrary key name. Is there a way to obtain this lost information and more efficiently remove it? If not, there is no way I can fulfill this request and I would prefer to not get in trouble for losing data before even knowing it was so important to retain it.

Is there an API to help deal with these issues in the future?

This might be able to help you.

Once you have found the correct datastore you might be able to find the key with this.

Thank you I didn’t know they had that, although even with that I’m having difficulty finding where this ID is lost in. Any recommended method you have to making use of those most efficiently?

Is there a way I can just remove all keys in specific data stores as well or remove data stores not being used? Just curiosity. I don’t remember being able to view keys in datastores since I’ve last looked into it so I’m feeling a bit out of my element all of a sudden.

I still do need some assistance with this as I have not been successful in locating it. Is it possible that the id is not in the datastore when they send the message?