Right to Erasure Request Impossible to Fulfill

I recently got notified that I had to remove all of a player’s data from my game because of a right of erasure request. My game saves the players chosen settings and any creations that they made so I checked those and they had no data for this player.

My issue is that I have a leaderboard system. Each player can create their own levels and each level has it’s own leaderboard stored as an array in a data store key. There are tens of thousands of levels and it would be impossible to search every single key to see if the player got a high score on that level (which is unlikely). The only data stored in these leaderboards is the player ID and the score the player got if they were successful. What would I do?

I think you might need to contact roblox support for this.

But if you want to be able to fulfill future Right to Erasure requests with leaderboards, I think you might have to save the key of every leaderboard a player participates in with his own ID, for example if a player has a score in leaderboards: xyz1, xyz2, and xyz3
It would save it with the player ID in a table DataStore:SetAsync(tostring(Player.UserId) .. "Leaderboards", {"xyz1", "xyz2", "xyz3"})