Right to Erasure Request

So I just found out I got a mail from 9 days ago saying I have to delete someone’s data. It’s a game with some free models and some builds me and some friends had fun with that I hadn’t touched in two years. I’m pretty sure there’s no data-saving stuff in that game I don’t even know how data store works.

What do I do?

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Don’t do anything. I get these practically every day and it’s usually accounts that don’t even exist on the website and/or are terminated. You’re not in any danger.

Ok, I was wondering what it’s like for games with millions of visits, I didn’t know this was a thing until now, and… what kind of danger would there be?

If you dont have any data store related stuff or anything related to the individual’s user, you don’t have to do anything.

I’m not sure. They only say you could face consequences. I think it’s just something related to protecting data.

Right to Erasure under Act 1 of Article 17 of the GDPR means any European Union citizen can erase all data concerning them when its “no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed” (basically collection of data but the reason you did so no longer needs it) or has been obtained or proccessed illegally, typically issued by victims of identity theft.

I also do not know what consenquences, but If one of your games actually stores data about the individual or has stuff like info concerning them, I would assume taking your game(s) down or even possibly banning your account, since ROBLOX themselfves can possibly face huge fines if not compliant to it as long as they are open to users of the European Union.

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You could get into legal trouble if you don’t comply, not only Roblox but you

Personally I would just delete the data. You never know what Roblox can do.

That’s the point, these are users that have requested for Roblox to delete their data as per the GDPR. You should honor this request by deleting any data that your experiences may have regarding the particular user.

The game I receive these requests for is permanently deleted, and has untouched for possibly years, just like OP. I don’t do anything and I have not seen any consequences despite getting these almost weekly.

Hyperbolically speaking if you had issued a request of a similar nature wouldn’t you want it to be honored by other developers?

Yes, but this request is different because in OP’s experience and my experience has no data to get rid of. It is simply a annoyance to my inbox.

You should honor this request by deleting any data that your experiences may have regarding the particular user.

‘may’ being the operative word.


if your game saves data after a user quit, even if it is a free model, you should comply. There is a plug in for datastores for roblox studio. It allows you to see all datastores and request info about any user. Check it out.

DM me if you want more info.