Right to Erasure

I’m not a developer or anything, and I randomly had this message pop up in my inbox today over a user that played a game of mine that I haven’t even touched since 2020, already deleted the player data, but in the same message it asks me to delete the specific user id from all my records, is there like other ways I’m not aware of to delete player user ids?

prob wrong section post but w/e


The right to erasure request basically is a deleted roblox user who played your game and has deleted their roblox account.

The most you can realistically do is go through your datastores using a plugin and remove it from all stores. If you have an external database you should do that as well.
Don’t sweat it too much, just try your best to remove it wherever you can


Random question, and I know this isn’t my topic, but just for a game of mine. What would I do if I had a data store that banned users because of exploits etc. and I get one of these requests. Would I have to delete that data too? Just a question, if you have an answer.

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Yea, you would have to delete that data too. The roblox account is deleted permanently so there is no chance of them joining back


If you are a dev of an active game, I suggest setting up webhooks to automatically alert you when one of these requests come in. They can be done on the creator dashboard under Settings > Webhooks


As @Claym1x mentioned,
Roblox made an API for that already, Webhook Notifications | Roblox Creator Documentation
you will have to run a server 24/7 for it though.
Combine the webhook API with datastore API and it will handle it automatically.


I have some things set up, and Have no problems removing data from data stores. Just was curious for those types of things, if it also required that As I have 2 different data stores to handle both game and moderation data


What would happen in the case that I DONT remove them, will I be penalized?

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The same thing happened to me recently. How do I remove them from my game? And what is Roblox’s problem with this? Why do we have to do this?

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its the european GDPR, its enforced

I am not 100% sure, Roblox might try to take action against you, but again you don’t really have to sweat it. Just try your best to delete as much data, and if Roblox/any other entity tries to bring something up, point out that you removed it to the best of your ability, and that overall Roblox runs your datastores so you can’t do too much

How would I do this? I’ve recently had a erasure request and I don’t know what to do at all. How would I find the user id and remove it?

Run this in the command bar (I think this works) or a script, with your Key and Datastore. Do this for all your datastore if you have more then one

local Datastore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("YourDataStore")

Or use a plugin as mentioned

Roblox should have gave you a UserID in their message of the right to enasure request

I was indeed given a User Id, but is the key the same as the userID, or should it have been included in the message? Because I’ve only gotten a userID. I’ve tried to use plugins as well, but I’m just completely lost.

And not to mention, I don’t even think I have any datastores, or I’m not even sure if I have datastores.

Some people make keys for their datastores. If you didn’t then just do

local Datastore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("YourDataStore")

Replace YourDataStore with the name of your Datastore (If you have more then one, repeat this line of code for each) and Replace "UserID" with the given UserID

Nothing to worry about then.

If you don’t know, you can check like this:


so uh, I got this message but I dont have any datastores in my game… What do I do in this situation.

I also dont even have an API enabled in this game, it was an absolute random one I made years ago.

Nothing to do at all. They have to send you that request regardles in case you store data in other ways.

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coolio, thanks for the notice, I never pay attention to my inbox and just noticed it pop up.