"Right to erasure?"

Okay, I am not that great of a scripter, if I can even be considered one.

But today I woke up to 4 messages about something called “the right to erasure.” I was dumb and archived the messages by accident, and now they won’t appear anymore, but one of the messages I managed to read involved a game I made in mid-2022 that was closed over a year ago. As far as I know, the only scripts in that game were for vehicles, morphs, and Kohls admin.

I removed Kohls admin, but is there anything I should worry about?


The message indicates when a Roblox player requests Roblox to delete their data. If they have data in your experience, you will get this message.

It is always best to go through your data stores and delete any data from that userid when you get a message containing that. It has been stated before that moderation action can be taken against your account if it is not removed however stated above, it is highly unlikely to get moderated for not deleting it.

You can also access your archived messages here: Archived Messages


Depending on what data you save in your game that is linked to player’s User IDs, you could be breaking EU law. You shouldn’t be telling people they can just ignore it.

Sorry for this, I just thought since the game shutdown a year ago and the person probably had played a thousand games he wouldn’t be sued (not being sarcastic)

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The thing is…:

Anytime you archive a Roblox message, it gets automatically deleted.
In this case, you shouldn’t worry at all for your account being moderated.