Right-to-left Text Support

By regular chatting, did you mean the legacy chat service or the new chat service? Could you please provide a screenshot? Thank you!


The problem with RichText tags seems to be that they are considered LTR text by the text direction interpreter. I wonder if that interpreter could instead use a sanitized version of the text which doesn’t have the RichText tags? They seem to mess up the process of determining text direction.

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sorry if im late but, i learned a bit of html lol!

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@GFink , thanks for your input, I will talk with our language specialist about this issue. It seems html does support changing a <div> to layout from right to left.

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Thank you very much for bringing these RTL text styling issues within text labels to our attention. Your detailed report and thorough testing are invaluable to us, and we truly appreciate the effort you’ve put into documenting this matter.

We’ve successfully reproduced the bugs based on the scenarios you outlined, which confirms the need for a closer examination and action on our part. I’ll be collaborating directly with our engineering team to delve into these issues and work towards implementing a fix. Your findings have been instrumental in highlighting these challenges, and we’re committed to improving the platform’s handling of RTL text for all developers.

While I’m unable to provide a specific timeline for a solution at this moment, please rest assured that addressing this is a priority for us. We understand the importance of this issue and its impact on creating inclusive and accessible games and experiences on Roblox.

Thank you once again for your contribution and patience. We’ll keep the community updated on our progress.

Best regards,