Rights Manager System not working properly

This bug is related to the Rights Manager being unable to take down OBVIOUS copy of an item.
I will be attaching Prvate details for the staff member about this issue, as I don’t want other people to get around this system.

Expected Behaviour:
Item should be taken down

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Rights Manager was great in theory and so far there has been two MAJOR exploits with it. #UCU

yeah… the main issue is, this isn’t an exploit of the rights manager, but rather the rights manager itself failing to work properly. here’s my plushies i’ve made over time as part of one of my groups. (each accessory was remade specifically for these plushies so there won’t be troubles with original creators)

and here’s one made by someone else, using my exact mesh, and the claim is failing to go through.

Sent this one to the team, thanks for the report!

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