RigidConstraint.DestructionEnabled Does Not Exist

Reproduction Steps

Index RigidConstraint.DestructionEnabled in a live server

This began happening about 1 hour ago in new servers only. There has been no announcement or warning that this property would be deleted, and as such, our game was broken without notice and from outside of our control.

Expected Behavior

Able to index RigidConstraint.DestructionEnabled without error

Actual Behavior

Error is thrown: “DestructionEnabled is not a valid member of RigidConstraint”

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Critical
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-28 14:06:00 (-06:00)

This property was never released and did nothing (and was hidden from the UI).

If you use an unimplemented feature, your game will likely break or changed behavior if we ever enable or change the feature. In general we can’t guarantee that unreleased features will continue to work prior to release.

That said, there was a documentation mishap that made them appear not hidden in autocomplete and also surfaced through the wiki. We’ll be working with the Documentation pipeline to make sure that doesn’t happen again so that docs don’t appear too early and people start using unreleased features.

If you previously used DestructionEnabled, you can safely remove it. It has always been a no-op.


Good to know! I was relying on the documentation which doesn’t mention that it does nothing (devhub/autocomplete as you mentioned), definitely wouldn’t have added it to my game had I known it wasn’t a complete feature. I noticed disabling it didn’t appear to change the behaviour but was unsure overall. Thanks for the info!

Is it this also?

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