Rigs Bodyparts leaves a gap ingame


I am currently working on an outfit game that contains a lot of rigs to showcase the outfits. In Edit mode / Studio, the rigs are pretty much normal and leave no gaps at all. Although I start the game, the Rigs now with clothes on it, leaves a big gap between the body parts. The output log don’t show any errors. If you can help me, I would be very thankful.

Does the Mesh for your Torso turn Transparent and the shirt has Tranparency on the sides so the gaps appear.

Try testing in server mode and selecting the UpperTorso to see where the Attachments are.

Its not Transparent and heres a screenshot of the Attachments of the Rig

Also it worked before with a less amount of Rigs in the Server.

Do you have the arms anchored? If so I feel as if the character would not update properly when applying the accessories

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Well this fixxed it. My bad i am so stupid lol :sweat_smile:

You might be able to Anchor them with a script after they’ve been put in the workspace.

I was able to anchor the upper torso, and it also worked well.

What I was also concerned about is the lag that many Humanoids and Unanchored Parts may cause. Anchoring the body Parts may help out a small amount.

If one part of the assembly is anchored, the only thing that could change is any motors. If the motors are not updated, then no performance is lost with a anchor.

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