Rig's torso not working?

I’m trying to make this model animatable2021-09-25 (4)
However upon animating the rigs torso it does not rotate or move, making animation impossible:

I’ve tried anchoring and unanchoring parts in the model, it has its primary part set, and it has a humanoid in it.
This is a problem I’ve been encountering only recently, if you have any info please tell me!


So, I’ve also had this problem in the past. I think i’ts about the rig. The torso is rigged to the HumanoidRootPart and not the HumanoidRootPart to the torso! I hope this helped you!

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Sorry I spoke too soon, that doesn’t seem to be the solution, upon checking the rig, the HRP is rigged to the torso, and it still does not work. But thanks for trying.

oh, well that was my problem. I am sorry! :smiley:

It’s all good, it’s strange though because its not like the torso is rigged incorrectly, (there’s only one part so it’s pretty much impossible) the only errors I can see are with the HRP but while I’ve been checking i couldn’t find anything. I guess this case is going cold.

Yea, I think it’s a really common problem, I can’t really find an answer for it!

That’s okay, but thanks for trying!

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I came across this problem and I found a solution here, basically try to anchored the HumanoidRootPart when animating, then it should work.


I found an easy fix! Rename the root to “HumanoidRootPart”, then with the joint to the torso rename it to “Root Hip”.


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