RigType (among other properties) resets on humanoids in StarterCharacter/StarterPlayer

Seeing as how RigType can actually be set now I decided I’d toss in an R15 rig with a few of my own changes into StarterPlayer and cut out a bunch of code that automated those changes. Works great aside from the RigType defaulting back to R6, which kills my the character.

Pretty simple repro steps:

  • get your hands on an R15 rig, put it under StarterPlayer with the name StarterCharacter

  • Hit play/test/whichever and observe your character dying, and RigType being set to R6

This still happens if you try using the StarterHumanoid system. The only work around I could find is to not have a humanoid present at all, and create it via script after CharacterAdded fires.

I’ll tack on that the StarterHumanoid system, and humanoids under StarterPlayer/StarterCharacter in general do not replicate the AutoJumpEnabled, AutoRotate, HealthDisplayDistance, NameDisplayDistance, and CameraOffset properties. They haven’t properly replicated these since the system was implemented.

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This has been fixed and should be live next week.


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