"Riot City" Feedback

Hey Dev’s,

I’m a fairly new solo dev just looking for stuff to-do over summer and i’ve been working on a few games as a hobby.

My newest and most advanced game is called “Riot City” and I’d like some feedback on i. The video quality is fairly low due to roblox’s built in recorder but whatever…

I’d like you’re honest feedback to how I could improve in my game and lend me some tips and tricks

Alot of the scripts are self-made like the cutscenes, data stores, UI ect…but some are not mine but are soon to be credited
One of the things is Fe-Gun-kit. And the other in Aero Menu.
Whenever I had an error i’d look it up on youtube and bam someone had the answer. Other times I had to use my 2 last brain cells lol

There are some unshown features like Airdrops that randomly spawn and drop cash.

I’d just like to point out that when I’m showcasing the gun please watch the mag with bullets in it and one that’s completely empty.


Coke :))


robloxapp-20220717-1952439.wmv (9.0 MB)

–//Assault Rifle Showcase

robloxapp-20220717-1958554.wmv (6.8 MB)

–//Edit note\–

I forgot to show the cutscene, instead while watching you get a Message from an npc…