Rise of the Dead | Revived 1.6.1

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Latest Update:
Version: 1.6.1
Date: 29/09/2023

Update Highlights:
• New Survival Map, Roof Tops! By Omega913
• New Clothing, Nekros Trench Coat!
• New Tweak System 2.0, less RNG and mod bonus!
• New Abandoned Bunker Room, Isolation Room…

Patch Notes

  • New Survival Map and Map item, Roof Tops, by Omega_913! Drops Community Crate: Beta

  • New Crate, Community Crate: Beta. Obtainable from the new Community map, Roof Tops.

  • New Skin Pack, Windtrails. Obtainable in Community Crate: Beta.

  • New Hat Clothing, Fedora. Tips Fedora. Obtainable in Community Crate: Beta.

  • New Food, Sandwich. Gives you 7.5 health per second for 10 seconds. Obtainable in Community Crate: Beta.

  • New Board Mission, Reserved Weapons, Normal. Get an amount of kills with a specific weapon type.

  • New Board Mission, Anti Immunity, Normal. Kill zombies that have immunity with a melee weapon.

  • New Hard Board Mission, High Value Package, help deliver a high value package.

  • New Abandoned Bunker Room, Isolation Room. A puzzle room that requires the RCE Tablet to complete.

    • Includes new lock picking minigame, LockHydra. The puzzle has hints and invisible ink tips to complete.
    • Drops Nekros Trench Coat Blueprint and Flamethrower Flame Blurst Mod.
  • New Flamethrower mod, Flamethrower Flame Burst. Converts projectile from liquid flame to gas flame. Increases multi shot to 3, x4 impact damage, x0.5 burn tick damage. Burn time last for 25 seconds and can be extended with Everlast.

  • New resource Nekron Scales. Dead and dried scales of Nekron.

    • Obtainable from Elder Vexeron’s Tumours.
    • Obtainable from Tendrils.
    • Obtainable by mining from Sector F.
  • New Chest clothing, Nekros Trench Coat.

    • Trench coat covered in dried Nekron leather, scales and veins. Passive: +2HP/s, The passive will be disabled for 15s if you take any damage.
    • Blueprint obtainable in Abandoned Bunker: Isolation Room.
    • Requires $15000, 400 Cloth, 200 Nekron Scales, and 20 Nekron Particulate to build.
  • Tweak System 2.0

    • Tweaking your weapon is no longer completely randomly rolling. Each weapon has a graph and you start on a random point on the graph.
    • You can roll for a number, from commonly (-4, 4), rare (-7, 7). Once you rolled a number, you can decide to apply that number to the graph or not.
    • When you apply your tweak, it will shift the bar left or right, you can use this to move the bar towards the peaks of the graph.
    • Each tier you are on adds another point to the graph, each of these points will buff your mod with a tweak bonus.
    • If your weapon already has a tweak in Tweak 1.0, you will be rolled into the same tier when you start tweaking in Tweak 2.0.
  • New stat, Equip Time Reduction. Merc’s Knee Pads now reduces tool equip time by 20%.

  • New crate, Factory Crate. Factory raid now has it’s own crate. Metal Resource Package has been added to Factory Crate’s drop table.

  • Added pick frequency to board missions for when a new board mission is added to the board.

    • Another Survivor is now the only mission with pick frequency of 6, which means every 6 missions it will be added to your board.
    • Monorail and Escort now has a pick frequency of 5, so every 5 missions, one of them may be added to your board.
    • Other missions has a pick frequency of 1, so they will be picked if no mission of a higher pick frequency is chosen.
  • Gold Shop now clarifies limited sale meaning.

  • Premium members now get +15 Perks daily bonus on login and another +35 Perks bonus for completing 3 missions!

  • Bow & Explosive Ammo Capacity mods now adds ammo capacity based on premod ammo capacity instead of a flat value.

  • You can now abort board missions. Aborting missions will considered it as failed and will be removed after an hour. You can still decide to reattempt the mission in it’s failed state.

  • Gold shop now sells Survivor’s Outpost Unlock Papers and Tome of Tweaks.


  • Grenade Launcher
    • Increased Max Base Damage from 10710 to 14000. (+ ~30%)
    • Increased magazine size from 6 to 9. (+50%)
    • Increased ammo capacity from (6x2) to (9x3). (+125%)
  • Rec-21
    • Increased rpm from 55 to 60. (+10%)
    • Decreased magazine size from 12 to 10. (-20%)
    • Decreased ammo capacity from (12x3) to (10x3). (-20%)
  • Mariner 590 Blueprint price increased from $800 to $2880. (+260%)
  • Vector X & Rusty 48 Blueprint price reduced from $32000 to $28800. (-10%)
  • Desolator Heavy Blueprint price reduced from $8000 to $7200. (-10%)
  • Ammo Capacity Mods
    • Submachine Gun Ammo Capacity from 300% to 500%.
    • Shotgun Ammo Capacity from 200% to 400%.
    • Rifle Ammo Capacity from 300% to 500%.
    • Heavy Machine Gun Ammo Capacity from 200% to 300%.
  • Rocketman mod now has upgrades which adds rpm to fire rate.


  • Updated Office Crate icon and crate model.
  • Dr. Sinister now has an updated look.