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Flamingo Bakery|HANDBOOK

Hey, Welcome to the Official FB’s Handbook!..Flamingo Bakery is technically a company where we serve our guests and customers their order … Our priority is our customers, without our members and customers, we would be nothing, but thanks to you guys, we can be something! We hope to become the largest, most active groups out on Roblox! We really appreciate every single one of you for joining our group and showing support, blox on!

We hope you guy’s love FB. Any suggestions or concerns please join our Communication Server or just tell us in the group wall and will try to answer it ASAP. I hope this Handbook also helps you guy’s with any concerns about this group.

Questions that get asked alot!..

. How do I become a worker on FB and how do I know I passed it? In order to become an Employee at Flamingo Bakery, you must take the quiz application at our application center located on the Group page. Once you’ve sent your application, if it is accepted you will become a trainee, from there you must attend trainings to get promoted. Also if you haven’t got your rank make sure to let any HR+ to know so you can get that rank because sometimes the bot won’t work!

. There is a glitch/bug and any problems. Who do I tell?

Well the best thing to do is tell a HR+ know about the problem in the group wall or our communication group so they can know and will try our best to fix it!

. How do I rank up from Trainee?

You must attend one of our training sessions located at the Training Center, and if you pass the training you will be ranked as a Junior Sales Baker-Remember you must go to 2 more training sessions after that.

Trainings/Terms of Service

  • Why wont it let me into the Training Center?
    The training center is open to the public about 30 minutes to an hour before any session begins. Once the server is locked, we will not open it for anyone, So make sure to join 3minutes early before the training begins. That way you will get to the server in time.I think there’s an admin abusing their rank, who should I contact?


  • Remember, the host of the training will be grading you. It’s best to be very polite and prove that you are fit for a promotion. Please be expected to have grammar at all times no matter what. III or more grammar mistakes will get you kicked from the session and won’t be able to join until the next session.Also do not join trainings if you are a Senior because that is the last LR rank.

Points system

  • You must get 4 or more points to pass the training. 5 Points is the maximum.

When we tell you if you failed please leave when we tell you and if you passed please don’t leave so that way we can give you your role and congratulate you once again.

  • The host/helper will grant you 1 point each section of the training you pass.

Also training may be canceled sometimes just letting ya know.

  • Times

  • Trainings are hosted at:

  • Fridays-Sat-Sun

  • 3:30-4:07 pm EST

  • 6:30-7:07 pm EST

  • 10:30-11:07 pm EST-only on Fridays and saturdays.

  • Monday-thursdays

  • 3:20-4:00 pm EST

  • 4:30-5:07 pm EST

  • 7:30-8:07 pm EST

  • If you believe one of our admins may be abusing, you may contact a HR+. It is recommended to report the admin through Discord so it will be easier and faster. Video/Screenshot of proof is also appreciated so that way we know what you mean.

A malicious attempt of ruining the game or player(s).
Staff that are HR+: Call for Help
If you are a HR+ you are allowed to: Permanent Ban….-staff that are HR+ must not warn you must ban.

Disturbing the player(s) ruining the game experience.
Staff that are MR+ Must Call for Help if needed.
If you are an Admin MR+: Kick, Ban

  • Spamming
    Flooding the chat box with identical/similar messages or excessive cap abuse with malicious intent.
    As said MR Warn, Call for Help if needed
    If you are a MR+: Kick, Ban

  • Disrespecting
    Rude individual(s) going against a race, player(s), or group/game.
    MR+ Warn, Call for Help
    MR+ must Kick, Ban


  • .Shifts can only be hosted by [MR] Head of bakers.+

  • .Shift Etiquette

  • Remember, attending a shift means you are ready to work. Listen to your host and be nice to new customers. You never know, you could do so well you get a promotion!

Some Times

  • Shifts happen throughout the day, Head of Service+ should schedule a shift a little in advance. Make sure you keep up to date on the dizzy group.

If you were banned make sure to do this-

1 What is your username?

2 Please state the username of the person who banned you if you remember so we can know why you got banned.

3 Why do you think you were banned for?

4 Why do you think you deserve another chance to get unbanned here on FB?

5 Please explain how you would improve this time!?


Your group must have at least 1,000+ non-botted members. It also must maintain a steady growth.

Your staff must utilize mature and professional behavior at all times in FB.

Your group must maintain a good name and it must be active.

Your group must be some sort of professional business, whether it is a clothing, restaurant, etc.

Please DM a HR+ if you are willing to do the application for partnership.

1 What is the name of your business?

2 How many group members does your group have? How many Discord members does your group have and on roblox?

3 Please describe how your company works.

4 How would both groups be able to benefit from this partnership?

5 What does your group have that makes it stand out from other groups?

6 How many current partnerships does your group have?

7 Who’s at least one person that can represent your group at FB?

8 Are you aware that if you are in an alliance it doesn’t really mean that you are going to take advandage of FB and make it yours like if you were the ow?

9 Do you understand that in order to maintain a possible alliance, both groups must be able to cooperate and support each other?

10 Are you aware that if we remove you as an alliance for a reason and you should respect that?

Role req:


A trainee is a member of our community who has passed and completed the Staff Application and is now waiting to be trained to get promoted as a Junior sales.

LR’s: (Low Ranks)
-Junior Sales Baker

Newly hired LR employee that knows the basics in FB. They answer any questions a customer may have, and works with customers to help them find what they desire. They may get promoted by attending trainings as long as they pass them.

-Sales Baker

An experienced LR employee, and a role model to our Junior Sales Bakers. They may get promoted after being in this position for at least one week and by attending trainings.

-Senior Sales Baker

The highest LR position and responsible for making sure customers are having an enjoyable experience. Senior Sales Associates are a role model of how employees should act and serve. They may get promoted after being recommended by an Executive Assistant or higher.

MR’s: (Management Team/Middle Ranks)
-Head of Services

This MR rank is for new MR’s . Head of Services is the Head of all of the LR services. The Head of Services also has the ability to host shifts at the bakery store and help in trainings.

Supervision Team

This MR rank is a promotion from the rank above. They can supervise, host shifts, and help at trainings.

Shift Leader

This last MR rank can do all the above, and they assist the High Ranks. Also, they now earn the ability to host trainings.

Bakery Improvement
-Design Team

Our incredible Design Team designs and creates all of the clothing you see in our home page.


Always helping around no matter what and being extra active every time since the first time on FB-Mostly known as an HR.

-Development Team

The Development Team is for developers who have been helping us on building these wonderful games for all.

HR’s: (High Rank Team)
-Executive Assistant

This is the first HR position.

Executive Assistants are sorted into “departments" (Staffing or Public Relations). Each department has different responsibilities that they must carry out on a weekly basis.

-Executive Officer

This is the second HR rank. Executive Officers are already assigned to a department. In addition to their department requirements, they have additional responsibilities.

-Department Director

This last HR is experienced in the departments. They manage and make sure everything is running smoothly with the HR’s. Department Directors oversee the departments as well.

SHR’s: (Senior Management Team)
-Chief Public Relations Officer

This SHR rank is head of the Public Relations Department. This includes - QOTD, affiliates, game-nights, announcements, etc. They oversee and lead the department and have been on FB for a long time.

-Chief Staffing Officer

This SHR rank is head of the Staffing Department. This includes - suspensions, reports, demotions, promotions, applications, etc. They oversee and lead the department.

Board of Administration

This Leadership rank is a group of individuals who are in charge of creating and enforcing rules and regulations, and overseeing the other ranks.

Vice President

This rank manages their SHR department, HR’s and oversees their departments so they can see if they are actually doing their work.


This Leadership rank manages the Leadership/SHR teams and oversees jobs to make sure they are doing it correctly and someone who has been supporting FB for a long time now and trusted by the founder.


This Leadership rank is for , Not_Iris7 known as just Iris. The Founder is responsible for making sure that the group is doing good, making sure we are hiring the correct staff and also making sure that as the owner I am helping on the bakery when shifts are hosted or not hosted and training, etc. If you have any personal questions for the founder-Me make sure to DM on dizzy. My dm’s are always open and I will try my best to answer them.

Design Team

To design clothes, GFX, and development for Flamingo Bakery!


Must have experience.

Must understand what the Design Team does on FB.

Must have no complaints at all.

Must show examples of your designs in order to see if we are interested for you to work here as a designer.

Must be active on making new clothes for fb and uploading them also must announce it on dizzy.


Message our Staffing Department on Discord if you are interested in making clothes for Flamingo Bakery.

Make sure to have dizzy-13+

Thank you!

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