River Side Cafe - Code of Conduct

River Side Cafe - Code of Conduct (Rules)

:white_check_mark: • This is the official River Side Cafe code of conduct page! Here, we have listed all of our guidelines everybody must follow.

:warning: • All guidelines are subject to change or deletion.

:warning: • Any PBans issued by the owner/founder are irreversible. If a ban is issued by the owner/founder, no date/time or responsible moderator will be shown.

:exclamation:• Staff members do not get any exceptions to any of our guidelines. If you see a staff member claiming they get an exception to a rule, report it immediately.

Guideline #1 - Trolling
You may not troll in any of our games. When trolling, you get 1 warning (kicked) before you get permanently banned from all servers.

Guidelines #2 - Exploiting
It is not allowed to exploit in our game. Exploiting is when you use scripts to ruin the game, access administrative commands, etc. Exploiters get no warnings and are immediately ID banned.

Guideline #3 - Respect
You must be respectful to all customers, staff, administrators, etc. Having no respect for anyone will result in a punishment.

Guideline #4 - Bypassing Chat
You cannot bypass the Roblox chat filter. Doing so will immediately result in an ID ban. We try to keep the game as family-friendly as possible.

Guideline #5 - Spamming
You are not allowed to spam. We consider spamming 5 messages in under 3 seconds. Spamming will get you banned. If you’re a staff member stating a greeting or anything, you’re okay.

Guideline #6 - Inappropriate Clothing
Refrain from wearing any Roblox clothing that relate to racist, sexual, or ableist topics, etc. Make sure all clothing is appropriate and does not offend anybody.

Guideline #7 - Inappropriate Usernames
All accounts that join our games must have appropriate usernames that are not bypassed. If you have an inappropriate username, if you change it, you may join again.

Guideline #8 - Ban Evasion
Please do not evade any bans. Ban evading is when you get banned, you join back on an alternate account. Every account you join back on, will be ID banned.

Guideline #9 - Order Limit
You must follow our order limit. All staff, customers and administrators are limited to 2 items per course. Go over the limit will rack up some warnings for you. In-game there is information for different order limits. There are order limit changes depending on ranks, and gamepasses.

Guideline #10 - Annoyance
Try to not be annoying to anybody. No one likes somebody who is annoying. For example, if you ask a staff member something and they don’t respond, they may be AFK or busy. Don’t keep asking them, just try to ask someone else.

:warning: • If an administration member asks you to not be annoying, they have the right to kick or server ban you from the server. It is not considered AA. (Admin abuse) If you get permanently banned, take a screenshot of the ban message, and create an abuse ticket on our communications server.

Guideline #11 - Advertising
Do not advertise anything. You are prohibited (not allowed) to advertise clothing, groups, games, or anything.

Guideline #12 - English Only Please
Try to speak English. We understand English is a very confusing language, and it may not be easy to speak very well, and that’s fine. When you’re talking, use the best English you can. If you’re incapable, a staff member may translate for you. You will be server-banned if you troll without English as it takes longer to figure out you’re trolling as it’s in a different language.

Guideline #13 - Common Sense
Please use common sense. By using common sense that all humans should have, you save people time by not making them deal with behavior that violates are rules, and much more! If you do something that you thing MIGHT break the rules, don’t do it.

Guideline #14 - Relevant Chat
Keep the chat relevant. Do not have any irrelevant chats unless your chatting with a friend or something. Example: “Yesterday I went to a theme park.” You can be server banned.

Guideline #15 - Impersonation
While playing our game, you are not to impersonate staff members, MRs, etc. If you are an LR acting like an MR, you can be punished.

Guideline #16 - Suspicious Eye
If our staff team has any reason to be suspicious of you (ex. your username is ‘itrollalothehe’), they are allowed to have an eye on you, but that’s all. If you ever get kicked, or banned for the mod being suspicious, report them on our communications server.

Guideline #17 - Raiding
We have 3 levels of raids. A raid is when a person/group leads people to join our game and disturb the peace as a group. Our 3 levels of raids are 1 - Basic, 2 - Medium, and 3 - Mass. A basic raid is when there are 7-15 people. A medium is 16-35 raiders. Finally, a mass raid is containing 35+ people.

Ever get banned for any of the guidelines above? View which ones are appealable below.

If you’re looking to make an appeal, please know that appeals are only possible via the official RSR communications server.

Guideline Appeal Status

Guideline #1 (Trolling) • :white_check_mark: Appealable

Guideline #2 (Exploiting) • :no_entry: Not appealable

Guideline #3 (Respect) • :white_check_mark: Appealable

Guideline #4 (Bypassing Chat) • :no_entry: Not appealable

Guideline #5 (Spamming) • :no_entry: Not appealable

Guideline #6 (Inappropriate Clothing) • :warning: Only appealable if clothing deleted from inventory

Guideline #7 (Inappropriate Username) • :warning: Only appealable if username changed

Guideline #8 (Ban Evasion) • :no_entry: Not appealable

Guideline #9 (Order Limit) • :white_check_mark: Appealable

Guideline #10 (Annoyance) • :white_check_mark: Appealable

Guideline #11 (Advertising) • :no_entry: Not appealable

Guideline #12 (English Only) • :white_check_mark: Appealable

Guideline #13 (Common Sense) • :warning: Only punishable under some circumstances, is appealable

Guideline #14 (Relevant Chat) • :white_check_mark: Appealable

Guideline #15 (Impersonation) • :no_entry: Not appealable

Guideline #16 (Suspicious Eye) • :white_check_mark: Appealable, and should be reported if banned for this

Guideline #17 (Raiding) • :no_entry: Not appealable

For more information and reporting staff, you may visit our communications server.

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-Posted on 9/9/2022 by riversidemod