River Terrain feedback needed!

Hello! I made a relatively small river for my game and was wondering if I could have some feedback. Please be honest as I’m looking for ways to make the river look as realistic as possible and am open to constructive criticism.

Here are some photos:


Really nice! If you haven’t, I recommend using shorelines beta for the water, if it is terrain.


Okay, I will thank you for the feedback.

Looks great! I’m not sure if you made the water perfectly clear just for the photos or not, but I recommend making it less clear underwater as that is how it would appear in real life.

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I didn’t do any editing to the photos, that is how it actually looks in-game. How do I make it less clear underwater? Change the water transparency?

Maybe make the water color a bit greenish

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Maybe change the grass underwater to look like moss instead of grass?

It looks nice! As other posts have mentioned, the water might look more natural if it had a greener hue or was a bit more murky.

So I changed the water color to green, but it looks the exact same underwater. Water color has zero effect on visibility beneath water when graphics are maxed. I believe the only workaround for this is creating a script that changes the player’s lighting when in the water, but I’m not sure.

Here is a revised version using a script that altars the lighting when the player’s camera is in the water.


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It does looks more natural than before.

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