Riverside Hotel & Resort | LR Handbook

"With Riverside, you can go anywhere."


Greetings, fellow LR members. And congratulations if you just became a staff member of Riverside. This handbook contains all of important information that you need to know during the shifts.


Here at Riverside, we expect you to:

  • Use proper grammar
  • Follow our rules
  • Be professional
  • Make guests happy


  • Make sure to warn troller 3 times before calling MR+.
  • Take a screenshot first when you caught someone exploiting.
  • Remain calm when you are dealing with a disrespectful person.
  • Do not ask or hint for any promotions. This will decrease your promotion chance.


Promotions are given to a person who is working hard and being professional.
To be promoted you are to follow our rules and expectations above.
As I said before, you won’t get promoted if you ask or hint for promotions.


You can be demoted if you fail to follow our rules.
If you think the demotion issued to you is not fair, you can appeal it by contacting SHR.

Last update: 01/29/20

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