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Hello, I’m [name], and I’ll be your trainer for this session!

Please note all the information that you think it’s important! This will be very helpful for this training procedure.

Please do not talk when I’m talking, this might distract other people.

Please save your questions to the end of the training procedure!

I’ll tell you V main things in this session. Your Job, Lanes, Warning System, Uniform!

Your Job
First is your job at the hotel!

As a Receptionist, you are to serve guests rooms.

To give a room, you are to say “give [name] [room number]”.

For example, “give PatBob_RBLX Room 301”.

There are two room types, ‘Room’ and ‘Suit’.

We know ‘Suite’ is correct, but in Riverside, we will use ‘Suit’.

And to take a room away, you are to say “take [name] [room number]”

For example, “take PatBob_RBLX Room 301”.

You can check the reception board if you are confused about which room is empty or not.

You will be permitted to go into any room, but do not abuse this permission! This will lead to serious discipline!


Now, let’s go over with lanes!

You must give a suite room when a guest is standing in a suite lane.

If a guest is standing in a regular lane and asking for a suite room, tell them to go to the suite lane.

Giving a suite room to a guest standing on a regular lane will result in a demotion!

Warning System

Next is the Warning System!

If someone breaks the rule, they will receive a warning.

Troller/Caps Abuser/Disrespectful Person will get III prior warnings before getting a kick.

To warn a person, you are to say W# | [reason] first to tell the reason for a warning,

And say “!warn [name]” to confirm the warning.

When they got III warnings, request security to cuff them and call for an MR+ to kick them.

Exploiter/Spammer will get an instant ban without any prior warning.

If you saw any of them, you are to request security to cuff them and call for an HR+ to ban them immediately.

The cuffs may not work on exploiters, then you are to take a screenshot and take note of their username and call for an HR+!

It will be a little bit complicated, but to make a safe and clean environment, please follow this warning system!


Finally, the Uniform!

Your uniforms are located inside the staff room and the staff area of the cafe.

You are to wear the uniform at all times within Riverside. Otherwise, you will be demoted or even fired!

That’s the end of the explanation, do you have any question?

Helpers may begin now!

Last update: 01/28/20

Signed by,

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