[Rixty] - Better payment methods

I’m going to talk about one problem that bugs me with Rixty payment methods.
I will show you a random scenario.

User: Oh hey. Let’s go buy a monthly OBC! I might need one.

User: $19.95? Should do it.

User: I have something left on my Rixty account. Hail the PaySafe Card!

User: Wait… WHAT?! You guys allow us to buy +1600 ROBUX for that price but not a MONTLY BC? WHAT THE-

That’s right. It’s a bit misleading and it doesn’t make any sense. I honestly think it needs more payment methods.
In the past I remember there was a lot of payment options. There was basically everything. I wonder WHAT was the reason to remove them.

I mentioned PaySafe Card before. You can use it to get some credits on the Rixty account. Imagine people using it just to realise they can’t get a monthly BC. Isn’t it a rip off?

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Hail lifetime.


Maybe ROBLOX requires/prefers monthly recurring services for their monthly BC/TBC/OBC memberships and Rixty didn’t allow that, it’s a possible reason. Although probably not… We’ll wait for a staff reply I suppose.

Yeah. It was strange to see the sudden change.

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The payment options are still not improved.

The Robux rate is not accurate as well…


Rixty got completely removed as a payment option.
If possible, I’d like to get this thread locked - since it’s not actual at all.


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