RKG´s Difficulty Chart Obby

Hello everyone! We made a DC Obby called “RKG´s Difficulty Chart Obby”. The game currently has 95 visits but the average play time is 2 minutes. So please, can some of you all check what´s the problem? Thanks, here is the game link:
RKG´s Difficulty Chart Obby

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Hello! I have played your obby and noticed some things that may need some change.

  • The lobby is too empty so maybe you could add some decorations or leaderboards.

  • The GUI Elements are a little too small and you could make them bigger.

  • There is No Music in this game which makes the game more lifeless.

  • You could add in some particle effects or a pop-up on the top of the screen when you finish a difficulty.

  • And finally, purchase prompts are comming up randomly ingame which makes a distraction that could end up in a accidental fail. You could make it a notification in the corner, so that if wont get in your face and if people want to they can click a button to bring up a prompt to support the developer.

The text on the GUI is harder to see when on a certain difficulty but overall thats all.
I hope to see more updates, and i will maybe comeback to this game to try it out again and i hope for the best! :smiley:.

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Thanks, one question though. How do I remove the pop-ups?

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I have tried several things and it looks like the prompts seem to be popping up by themselves from joining the game, then they appear again 50 later after you close them, but the time for them to appear again seems to also variey depending on how much time went by before closing the pop-up?

So maybe some script is causing this to happen?

Also i have noticed that some error pops-up when opening up the dev console.

EDIT: I got spawned into a random level that i dint even get to.

The first time I played, I spawned on red stages, which is extreme and hard.

The UI was lighter, then when I rejoined it went darker. When I got to stage 1, this happened:


The game iterated through all the text labels and changed the color, this isn’t a good idea.

It asked me to buy VIP AND a donation gamepass every 30 seconds. This is awful, you need to remove this. It takes up the entire screen on mobile.

The conveyors should have a moving texture.

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So I’ve Made A List On Some Issues I Found And You Could Possibly Improve Upon It.

  • Is The Obby Randomaly Generated? It Looks Dull/Plain.

  • The Thumbnail On The Game Page Is Incredibly Bright.

  • UI Is Pretty Basic And Icons Looks Taken From Google Or Decal In ToolBox.

  • I Can’t Read The Chat, Everything Is Grey.

EDIT: The Obby Isn’t Really An Issue, Just A Artistic Opinion.

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Wrong topic, this would fit into creation feedback.

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The check points don’t light up, first of all, which makes me kind of sad lol

The game sound wise is kinda meh.

The obby is fun though!

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You just gave us an idea! We will try our best to make the checkpoints light. Anyways, thank you for the idea!

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Yeah, I forgot about the creations feedback category…