Rng haters needed (Trying to improve the genre)

So, I’ve seen how much people HATE sol’s rng and I’m wanting to make a rng game. So people that hate the game give me ways to improve the experience. I’ll take any advice.


Make the things you are gambling for worth it and visible to new players so they have a goal
Make the spins feel super satisfying (with that nice clicking sound)
Make the first 9 spins free and make every consecutive spin cost 5 robux
Rig the 9th spin to give the player something good but not super good
Make the 10th spin “super duper triple quadruple lucky” and rig it to give them a super rare thing no matter what (but still not the rarest)
‘Randomly’ Offer a permanent super duper luck booster because they rolled a super rare thing for 1 bajillion robux
Keep spamming them with micro transactions as they try to get the rarest thing which is way better than the thing they got

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I don’t like the idea of spamming micro transactions. I am planning to make it very satisfying.

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simple answer, just look at case clicker. it was the og RNG game. It rewarded you with a item that you could wear, flex, and trade, and even sell for a higher value which you could buy a better create for better items. it has progression, which rng doesn’t have. rng Lacks any sort of gameplay, case clicker at least has some progression in it.

Point is, put items the player wants in the creates/rolls, make progression as I stated above, Make each create/roll level have it’s own special rare item that the player will go to that create to spin for.

I hope this helps! [ side note, PLEASE don’t feed into peoples gambling addiction more, we don’t need more gambling people on roblox. spending time on a more unique game could be just as fun, and more rewarding to you ]

say NO to gambling

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I’m going add trading. It will bring a new group of players and bring a new thing to ddo.

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